Reflection: Why we went from From Limited English Proficient to Emergent Bilingual

English Learners of IDEA Public Schools

In order to highlight the mindset shifts that have occurred when it comes to our Emergent Bilingual students upon inception of this blog and this semester, we must look at the common terminology we use to embody the definition of our English Learners, or Emergent Bilingual students. Not starting and ending just with myself, but with others as well by changing the ideas of students through influence and example. Often, EB students have been seen as lacking English language proficiency or lacking skills to be “successful.” Instead of viewing our EB students as possessing unique and positive cultural and linguistic talents, many viewed EB students as “needing help.” Even the way the state of Texas has shifted the narrative when it comes to Emergent Bilingual students which is illustrated in this graphic:

We went from using verbs to describe acronyms like “struggling,” to “bilingual,” which is often viewed as a…

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